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Help instructions

The realization of the cleanliness talks in 2021 is so far uncertain due to the prevailing covid-19 situation. We will inform you more about the work in April at the latest.

The cleanliness of the whole city collects rubbish thrown by people from cycle paths and streets, parks, nearby forests and other public places.

When you want to take part in the work, join one of the cleaning teams. Follow the bulletin boards, a handy or map of cleanliness above, and join the gang.


Assemble a small or larger cleaning team yourself and follow the instructions.

Pirkanmaa jätehuolto delivers 1-2 600-liter rubbish bins to the pre-agreed location, which have waste bag rolls inside and collects rubbish bins + possibly larger natural debris (eg car tires, bicycles, batteries) next to them to the right address the next day.

How do I organize cleanliness?

1) Define the area to be cleaned.
2) Define the person responsible for the work.
3) Define the meeting place for the helpers and where the rubbish bins will be brought.
4) Fill in the help form carefully.
5) Advertise your talks! You can find the help ad template here.

Person in charge of the work

  • handles the help registration.
  • is responsible for promoting work in their area.
  • is at the meeting place at the agreed time so that the helpers find the help place.
  • distribute garbage bags to the helpers and fill in a short form about the work.
  • reminds the helpers to help clean up public areas by collecting debris on the ground.

Hazardous waste belongs to a different place than other rubbish. They can be picked up by Repe and Romu or delivered to the nearest waste station / center or Vartti container:

What is a good thing for a participant to remember?

Bring a brisk and positive mind!
It is good to have your own gloves with you.
The work cleans up public areas by collecting debris on the ground.
Hazardous waste belongs in a different garbage bag than other garbage.

Cleanliness volunteer work

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Implemented volunteer work

The volunteer work of 2019

In 2019, Tampere was cleaned up in 41 areas. Ekokumppanit, the City of Tampere and Pirkanmaan Jätehuolto would like to thank everyone for the Clean City Talks on Saturday 5.5. participated. See the photo gallery 2017 of ten cleaning places!

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