From one generation to generation
Solutions to the challenges of sustainable development

Ekokumppanit Oy implements versatile, sustainable development-oriented services in an environmentally and people-oriented manner. Our broad and multidisciplinary team of experts and the close and agile cooperation of our teams enable the production of customized service packages, taking into account your needs.
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Sustainable partnership
For almost 20 years – ever since the founding of our company – an important part of our operations has been leading and participating in diverse projects that support sustainable development. Due to our solid experience and project expertise, we are a sought-after and reliable project partner not only in Finland, but also on an international level.
What we do?
For municipalities

We offer municipalities a wide range of services, for example to involve municipal residents or, for example, to improve camping opportunities. We design ready-made advisory services to reduce municipal emissions, whether it's energy consumption or sustainable movement, and we implement environmentally friendly campaigns and events with years of experience.

For companies

Responsible and sustainable operations are a significant competitive advantage for the company, and in the near future, a condition of life. Ekokampantit Oy has been a trendsetter and pioneer in sustainable business operations and culture for years. We understand and know the goals of sustainable development, the environmental responsibility of companies, the requirements of responsible organizational communication and other sustainability measures and needs that are important for companies.

For consumers

Our activities at Ekohöhäätä are guided by two values in particular; sustainability and customer orientation. If you need advice or support to change your ways of working or lifestyle to be more sustainable than before, feel free to contact us, and we will see together how we can be of help.
Communication and event production
EkoLive is a topical and low-threshold discussion event that breaks down to really important topics with changing themes and speakers that support sustainable development. EkoLive, launched by Ekokumppanit in January 2020, has already spoken to the public in the fields of camping and nature, recycling and sorting, as well as consumption and energy.

Would you like to live more sustainably than you do now, but you don't know where to start? Ekokumppanit EkoLive podcast offers facts to support coffee table and social media discussions instead of tinfoil hats, as well as low-threshold solutions for more sustainable choices in busy everyday life. A sustainable future is born from small actions, are you ready to grab yourself by the neck?
Nature and hiking services
Ekokumppanit has implemented versatile nature and camping destinations in Tampere, kayaking routes with piers, shelters and secluded cabins. You can get to most destinations by riding Nysse, from campfire sites a stone's throw away from the hustle and bustle of the city to enchanting natural gems in the countryside of Teisko.
Movement and well-being
Lake Trails offers a piece of Finland's most beautiful nature and an unforgettable journey for all nature lovers - hop on a bike and travel to an enchanting peace surrounded by lush forests and crystal clear waters.
Circular economy and responsibility
In the spring, the middle schools' annual food waste campaign was not implemented due to corona restrictions, but in the fall, 65 Pirkanmaa elementary schools and more than 18,600 students participated in reducing food waste during the Consumers' Association's Hävikkiviikko.
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Energy efficiency and renewable energy
Neuvoo.fi - Free and unbiased energy advice offers unbiased advice regarding energy-efficient living, renovation and construction, as well as the latest information on, among other things, different forms of energy and heating.
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