From generation to generation
Solutions to the challenges of sustainable development

Ekokumppanit Oy implements versatile, sustainable services in an environmentally and human-oriented manner. Our wide and multidisciplinary team of experts and the close and agile cooperation of our teams enable us to produce customized service packages taking into account your needs.
Sustainable partnership
For almost 20 years - since the establishment of our company - an important part of our operations has been to lead and participate in diverse projects that support sustainable development. Due to our solid experience and project expertise, we are a desired and reliable project partner not only in Finland, but also internationally.
What are we doing?
To the municipalities

We offer municipalities a wide range of services, for example, to involve local residents or, for example, to improve hiking opportunities. We design ready-made advisory services to reduce municipal emissions, whether it is energy consumption or sustainable mobility, and we implement environmentally and environmentally friendly campaigns and events with years of experience.

For companies

Responsible and sustainable operations are a significant competitive advantage for the company, a vital condition in the near future. Ekokumppanit Oy has been a leader and pioneer in sustainable business and culture for many years. We understand and know the goals of sustainable development, corporate environmental responsibility, the requirements of responsible organizational communication, and other sustainability measures and needs that are significant for companies.

For consumers

Our activities with Ekokumppanit are guided in particular by two values; sustainability and customer orientation. If you need advice or support to make your business or lifestyle more sustainable, feel free to contact us and let’s see together how we can help.


Here are the withdrawals for our 2020 services
From generation to generation - This is how we do it.
Nature and hiking area services
The Kintulammi hiking and nature reserve, which was nationally chosen as the Excursion Destination of the Year 2020, had about 50,000 visitors. In the near future, the development will be framed by Retkeilyn kehitysohjelma 2021-2025 approved in December.
Movement and well-being
On the most popular route in Pyhä-Näsi, about 50,000 cyclists pedaled in spring and summer. On the busiest days, there were more than 1,100 cyclists.
Energy efficiency and renewable energy
Rane Energy Counseling answered questions by phone, email, and through some channels. In addition to direct counseling, several webinars and trainings were organized. In 2020, Rane's Facebook page publications had almost 300,000 viewers.
Resource efficiency and circular economy
In the spring, the annual food waste campaign for upper secondary schools was not implemented due to COVID-19 restrictions, but in the autumn, 65 primary schools and more than 18,600 pupils in Pirkanmaa participated in reducing food waste during the Consumer Association's Hävikkiviikko.
Communication and event production
2020 Ekokumppanit launched a series of EkoLive discussion events where experts will make presentations on current topics. Free chat events are held at G Livelab as well as live broadcasts on YouTube. There were 6 events, each of which has had about 550-2100 views.
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