Services for the needs of sustainable development

EcoFellows Ltd implements versatile, sustainable development-oriented services in an environmentally and people-oriented manner. Our broad and multidisciplinary team of experts and the close and agile cooperation of our teams enable the production of customized service packages, taking your needs into account.

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For municipalities, For companies, For project partners
Welcome to the professionals in the promotion of biodiversity! At Ecopartners, we offer wide-ranging services to public and private organizations that want to be part of nurturing and res...
For project partners
Do you have a vision related to sustainable development in your mind that you would like support in planning, implementing or applying for funding? Or are you perhaps looking for a partne...

For consumers

Our activities at Ekokumppanit are guided by two values in particular; sustainability and customer orientation. If you need advice or support to change your ways of working or lifestyle to be more sustainable than before, feel free to contact us, and we will see together how we can be of help.

Let’s make tomorrow better together.

For project partners

One of the most important roles of Ekokumppanit throughout our existence has been the planning and implementation of versatile projects. In our projects, we strive to do truly impressive work for sustainable development, for example by means of solutions in the themes of energy efficiency, circular economy and sustainable mobility. We are an experienced project operator with experience in successfully completing both small and large projects.

For municipalities

We are familiar with the needs and wishes of the municipal sector, as we are part of the Tampere city group and have provided services to the city throughout our existence. We offer municipalities a wide range of services, for example to involve municipal residents or, for example, to improve camping opportunities. We design ready-made advisory services to reduce municipal emissions, whether it’s energy consumption or sustainable movement, and we implement environmentally friendly campaigns and events with years of experience. Read more about our ready-made concepts below or feel free to contact our experts, and we will design a service package that takes your needs into account.

For building societies

More than 2.5 million Finns live in housing associations, the importance of which in slowing down climate change cannot be overemphasized. We at Ekopartners have already cooperated with the housing association field for years, e.g. by training hundreds of energy experts, participating in the implementation of Finland’s first carbon-negative housing association in thermal energy, and supporting several housing associations in their energy and circular economy solutions.

For companies

Responsible and sustainable operations are a significant competitive advantage for the company, and in the near future, a condition of life. Ekokumppanit Oy has been a trendsetter and pioneer in sustainable business operations and culture for years. We understand and know the goals of sustainable development, the environmental responsibility of companies, the requirements of responsible organizational communication and other sustainability measures and needs that are important for companies. On this basis, we have developed several services aimed at companies, which make it easy to take the necessary steps towards more sustainable ways of operating. Contact us, and together we will plan and implement the measures that exactly meet your needs.