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Environmental Audits is a Key in Estimating the Environmental Impact of Activities


The Synergy Audit tools help organizations when implementing the Paris Agreement, the United Nations’ 17 SDGs, targets of waste reduction and resource efficiency, and a holistic understanding of the circular economy. The outcomes for companies and organizations can be many, such as legal and regulatory compliance, resource savings, economic savings, and the ability to prepare for environmental certification, such as EMAS or ISO 14001.  

The Synergy Audit tools are combining theory and hands-on methodologies to give a holistic understanding about the environmental management of organizations and companies. The Synergy Audit tools are open access and free of charge. 

The Synergy Audit tools consist of: 


Synergy Audit is an ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnership Professional Development Innovation and Education EU Project for decrease of most negative environmental impact built upon cooperation between the partners CARDET (Cyprus), Comune di Ravenna (Italy), CRES (Greece), EcoFellows Ltd. (Finland), One Planet (Sweden), Provincia di Parma (Italy) and SERN (Italy).