From generation to generation – This is how we do it

EcoFellows Ltd implements versatile, sustainable development-oriented services in an environmentally and people-oriented manner. An important part of our operations is leading and participating in versatile projects that support sustainable development. We also work for a sustainable future by producing various service products that support energy efficiency, circular economy, responsibility, mobility, and biodiversity.

We are part of the Tampere city group and our activities are focused on the Tampere urban area and the Pirkanmaa region. Our owners are the city of Tampere, Pirkanmaan Jätehuolto Oy, and Tampereen Energia Oy.

Sustainability in numbers in 2022

We moved almost 0.5 million people to the forest. In the forest, the mind rests and calms down, and even a short visit refreshes the mind. Exercising in nature also promotes social well-being and a sense of community.
We were involved in organizing dozens of events in line with sustainable development, such as Finland’s largest clothes swap event Swap!, which attracted 3000 people.

We guided hundreds of residents in energy-efficient living and advised several housing associations to choose the best solutions in energy and circular economy solutions.

We implemented circular economy and responsibility communication guides for companies and dozens of publications, e.g. about the importance of energy efficiency and reducing consumption.

There are nearly 2000 kilometres of lake trails to pedal, and there were tens of thousands of cyclists on the trails.

It’s easy to walk along the long trees! We built hundreds meters of boardwalks in the forests of Pirkanmaa and delivered 500 cubic meters of firewood for the enjoyment of the residents of Pirkanmaa.

Services for the needs of sustainable development

We are interested in working in both small and large projects – you will find us as a reliable and experienced project partner. We have 20 years of experience in successful projects both in Finland and internationally, where our activities aim at truly impressive work for sustainable development.

We have a comprehensive view and experience of energy efficiency related to construction and housing. We have been providing impartial energy advice since the year 2012 – for example, you can get the latest information on different forms of energy and heating from us.

Do you need an expert’s view on solutions related to the circular economy? We offer solutions that improve circular economy and resource efficiency, as well as training and counseling for municipalities and educational institutions, companies and consumers.

We designed and built the people of Tampere their own nearby nature park at Kintulammi, which was awarded as Hiking Destination of the Year. What could we do in your municipality? We offer a variety of nature and camping services as well as sustainable exercise solutions, from planning and implementation to measurement.

We provide information, consultation, training, and expert services that promote a sustainable lifestyle and activities. Our versatile expertise is applicable to games, sustainable service design, as well as comprehensive responsibility communications – we will tailor a service package that specifically meets your needs.

Would you like a sustainable partnership?

For almost 20 years – ever since the founding of our company – an important part of our operations has been leading and participating in diverse projects that support sustainable development. Due to our solid experience and project expertise, we are a sought-after and reliable project partner not only in Finland, but also on an international level.

Our business philosophy is to promote sustainable development and a responsible lifestyle. Our projects are financed by, among others, the Council of Tampere Region, the European Regional Development Fund, the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, and municipalities and companies in the Tampere urban area. Our extensive network includes European partner cities, universities, businesses, unions, housing companies, associations, and eco-support staff.

Current service products for sustainable development challenges

We have developed numerous service products in the face of sustainable development challenges that help transition towards more responsible practices. These service products contribute to promoting a more sustainable future by offering practical solutions to complex environmental and social issues.


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