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Petri Mäkelä
Petri Mäkelä
Nature Services Manager
Pyry Rinkinen
Pyry Rinkinen
Project manager, Environmental expert
Jesper Uunila
Jesper Uunila
Project Manager

Welcome to the professionals in the promotion of biodiversity! At Ecopartners, we offer wide-ranging services to public and private organizations that want to be part of nurturing and restoring natural diversity.

Do you need the restoration of water bodies, meadows or swamps? Or an event that shares knowledge about biodiversity tailored to your needs?

Diversity as part of overall sustainability

Atmospheric rotting wood, babbling brook, wild flower meadows, butterflies landing on your shoulder and birds flying in the sky. These positive manifestations of nature bring a good feeling and peace of mind. But the part of nature’s diversity that remains under the surface of the earth or water, or is otherwise invisible due to its size, is often forgotten. In terms of ecosystem functioning and preservation, visible nature, including humans, is highly dependent on this hidden world. Diverse nature and man live on the same finite earth. And when it comes to the well-being of nature, it’s also about the well-being of people. In order to guarantee a smooth coexistence, human activities must be developed and changed to a sustainable one. With its services, Ecopartners helps you and your organization in this.

Solutions in nature, together!

Our passion at Ecopartners is restoring nature and creating diverse habitats in green areas of cities. We happily put our hands in the clay when producing nature-based solutions. We work together with our customers, whether they are municipalities, companies or third sector operators. In addition to the end result, we are also interested in the journey, which creates participation and environmental education moments for all parties involved in the project.

We also offer customized services for organizing and planning public events and community events. Through events, we can inspire a wider audience to participate in the promotion of biodiversity and raise awareness of environmental challenges. Together we can make a significant impact for the good of nature.

Whether it’s consulting services, restoration projects or public events, we are ready to support and implement customized projects together with you. Get to know our services, contact us and let us help you create a more sustainable and diverse environment!


Instructions and advice

Do you need help with what you should or could do?


Guidance and mapping

An expert on site to observe and compile a report on what he saw.


Expert and event work

A ready-made biodiversity package according to your wishes or, if you want, your materials. With the principles of production of high-quality event work by Ekokumppanit.


Nature restoration measure

Stream water treatment plants, restoration of bogs, a meadow project or something else? Let’s look at your needs and situation, and let’s get things started. We can implement your ready-made idea or offer a ready-made “turnkey” solution.